To apply for a rental property, click on the link below to download the
Application Form in Adobe PDF format.   

Once you have completed the form, you can either:

You will need Adobe PDF Reader on your PC to view the application
form.  This can be downloaded at no cost from the following website
Application Form (PDF)

1.        Apartment must be viewed by applicant prior to submitting an application.  An
appointment can be made by contacting our office at 414-963-0641.  If there are multiple
applicants for the same apartment, all applicants must view apartment and be met by an
associate of our firm.

2.        All applicants must have a driver’s license or other photo ID. We need a copy of
each applicant’s photo ID or driver’s license.  A copy may be submitted with the
application , mailed or emailed to our office at

3.        Schramm Management requires a $100.00 application fee to accompany an
application in order for us to process it.  No application will be processed without having
received this fee first.  In the event that the application is approved, then the $100.00 fee
is applied to the security deposit required for that apartment.  In the event the application
is denied, the $100.00 application fee will be returned less $15.00 for each credit report
run on the applicant (Eg.  If there are 3 tenants who wish to share the apartment, there
would be 3 credit reports run on the applications and therefore $45.00 would be deducted
from the application fee prior to its return).

4.        Once approved, applicant must submit in person or by mail the balance of the
security deposit.  When the total security deposit is paid, Schramm Management will
prepare a lease for the term and under the conditions that were discussed during the
viewing process.

4.        All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.  In the event the applicant  does not
have sufficient credit history,  employment history, or income minimum, a co-signer such
as a parent or guardian may be required.  In that event, the co-signer must also fill out an
application and a credit report will be run.


-You represent any information on the application.  If misrepresentations are found after a
rental agreement is signed, your rental agreement will be terminated.

-In the last three years, you have had a conviction for any type of crime that would be
considered a serious threat to real property or to other residents peaceful enjoyment of the
premises, including manufacture or distribution of controlled substances.

-Your credit check shows accounts that are not current.  For example, occasional credit
records showing payments within (30 to 59) days past due could be acceptable, provided
you can justify the circumstances.  Records showing payment past (60) days are not

-If in the last three years, you have through a court ordered eviction, or had a judgement
against you for financial delinquency.

-Previous landlords report significant complaint levels of noncompliance activity such as:
repeated disturbance of the neighbors peaceful enjoyment of the area, reports of
gambling, prostitution, drug dealing, or drug manufacturing, reports of violence or threats
to landlords or neighbors, allowing persons not on the rental agreement to reside on the
premises, failure to give proper notice when vacating the property.

-Previous landlords would be disinclined to rent to you again for any other reason
pertaining to the behavior of yourself, your pets or others allowed on the property during
your tenancy.
How To Apply
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